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The Difference Between OEM Factory Parts and Aftermarket Parts

after-marketIf you ever need to have a part replaced on your vehicle, you may be given the choice between using an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part or an aftermarket part. While you may say it doesn’t matter, it actually does. Aftermarket parts can cause a number of issues with your vehicle.

Aftermarket Parts Defined
Aftermarket parts are those that are produced by someone other than the original manufacturer of your vehicle. These parts are often not as good as OEM parts are, and some are actually fairly low quality. This is why you want to make certain the repair shop you’re working with doesn’t try to cut corners and make extra profit by purchasing the cheapest aftermarket parts possible.

A good 80% of all independent mechanics who are not associated with a vehicle manufacturer make use of aftermarket parts. Dealerships, of course, use only OEM parts in any repairs that they do, which means they will use components that were specifically designed for your vehicle’s model. Your vehicle’s warranty may actually be voided if a repair shop uses aftermarket parts that do not meet the manufacturer’s standards.

The reason why aftermarket parts may violate warranty is that many do not go through a rigorous testing phase. These parts may simply not be as durable as OEM parts, and the manufacturer will not honor the warranty if such low-quality parts are used. There are often many different aftermarket parts that are designed to fit a variety of vehicles, but this one-size-fits-all approach usually leads to parts that aren’t quite right for your vehicle. With OEM parts, there is only one option, so it’s much easier to select the part that’s right for your vehicle.

Aftermarket parts are often less expensive, which is what makes them such an attractive choice. The price varies from brand to brand, and some are actually priced about the same as OEM parts. However, because these parts may be of lower quality, you may end up paying more in the long run as you have to replace them more often. These parts may also wear out unexpected, leaving you stranded without a vehicle.

Here at Canyon City, we use OEM parts unless you specifically request that we do not. This ensures that your vehicle is using parts that are high quality and guaranteed by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Our goal is to keep your car in great shape and running for years.

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